There is nothing like staying at homefor real comfort.

Our design philosophy is to maximize the space and still give a feel of of personal space of a home Asad Building’s unique design uses both levels to allow for spacious living. Our expert design enhances not only the ground but also other top floors associated with the whole structure. With the 1+4 Bedroom lay out, the resident has ample room on the ground floor for all luxury amenities for comfortable living.

Ground Floor

Upon entering the villa all are greeted with two entrances. Keeping with the traditions of UAE and Arabia in large, the residence can entertain guests and visitors in a Majlis (Gathering room). further into the ground floor our villas offer a wide variety of amenities (Living room, dining room, guest room, wide kitchen with extensive use of cupboards and counters. One extra feature that differs from the rest is the attachment of a pantry cum dirty kitchen which has a separate outside entrance.

Fist Floor

Leading to the first floor with either our L-Shaped (Quarter-Turn) stairs or straight styled stair. Again the main area of bed rooms area is allotted along with our trade mark living room space and a small kitchenette-cum-laundry room. All first floor designs have access to a large balcony equal to the width of the villa it self which is connected with the master bed room. From the outside the grand view of the villa is given from its stone cladding and tiling on the facade. Asad Building designers not only brought this into the area but also the isolated stone design incorporated into the balcony and top part of the first floor.

Bed and Bath

One aspect that furthers our style aspect is the bathroom design and it associating closet design. 2 structure styles have been incorporated in the rooms. One with the wardrobe closet in the bathroom itself and a walk-in closet leading to the bathroom it self. One thing that is noticeable is the plain and ample space in each room. Asad Building have deliberately left it so, so change is given to the villa owner to express this own unique manner to make his villa into a home of his own vision. Unlike some villas we have made our interior designs on a minimalist approach so the owner has a chance to express his or her own will and design so they can also be part of the process of making it a home. But there is no denying the bathroom style and quality helps give it a contracting and eye pleasing aspect. These individual design has been the numerous experimentation on having the best design with most unique and exquisite style for each room. Each and every part of the bathroom to doors have been sourced from European and imported brands,